Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow has arrived!!!!

We knew this day would arrive. After all, we got so much snow last year and it came very early that it was just a matter of time until a big storm brought inches upon inches of snow.

Roxy certainly likes playing in the snow.

This is all that's left of our garden. It makes me miss all the tomatoes and peppers that were there just a few months ago.

Since we couldn't really spend a lot of time in town out on the icy roads, we had Gender Stereotype Day (GSD). What is GSD you're asking? Well, it's when Dan works on something very manly, tough and masculine and I work on something daintier, domestic and more feminine. So Dan put together his new tool cabinet (an early Christmas present) and I worked on a sewing project that I started clear back in September. It has to be done by Christmas, so I've got a looming deadline.

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grammyc said...

Did you get all of your projects finished? Did Dan have parts left over after the assembly?