Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're a whole new kind of crazy.......

So as you probably know by now, Dan and I lead fairly simple lives sprinkled with laughter and joy. We go to work in the morning, have dinner in the evening, occasionally go out to eat or see a movie, do our grocery shopping on Fridays, etc, etc.... There is certainly enough spontaneity to keep life exciting, but things are fairly low-key. Well, last week we shook all that up. Dan and I have been helping with the high school youth group since August and so far we've liked getting to know the kids and serving them, but last Friday night took this to a whole new level. We were two of the adult leaders who took the kids (about 35 middle schoolers and 35 high schoolers) up to Spokane for an entire night of laser tag.
We met at the church at 7:30 for games, a great speaker with a solid gospel message, and pizza. Then we loaded everyone into vans and headed North. Our scheduled time to play Laser Quest was Midnight-6 am and the kids played for a solid six hours. The middle schoolers would play, then the high schoolers and they just rotated games all night long. I was really surprised that I didn't get tired or anything during the games, but during the breaks, I would crash on a bench somewhere. I kept up with the kids pretty well and was complimenting myself on my youth and energy. Yeah, that didn't last long. The next day, I was pretty worthless. I was so tired, but only allowed myself to sleep for a few hours so I wouldn't get too out of whack. Regardless of our fatigue and exhaustion, spending that time with the high schoolers was definitely time well spent.

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