Thursday, May 8, 2008

One of the Cool People!

It doesn't happen very often, but occasionally I too am one of the cool people. Well, actually Terry and Denise Candler are the cool people. They just happen to be friends with Monty Lane Alan, backup singer and guitar player for ALAN JACKSON!!!! They totally scored with free tickets and invited Dan and I to join them in Spokane for a night of country music. We got to met Monty before the show. He's a super nice guy and has his own single coming out soon to country radio. I'm excited to hear him on the local station soon.
Miranda Lambert opened and she was fun and high-spirited and got everyone up and rockin'. Dan has a little bit of a crush on her and he might know more of her songs than I do. I really liked her pink guitar and her cute shoes.

Alan Jackson was great. He sang new stuff, old stuff, all his stuff really. Monty did a great job on backup vocals. There were a few songs where the four of us couldn't help but to get up and dance. He put on a wonderful show.

Afterward Monty came out again and he and Terry and Denise got to play catch-up. If you ever get the chance to listen to southerners play catch-up after several years, you should do it. It was entertaining just hearing them talk and ask about everyone from Mommas to cousins to aunts.

Thanks again to Terry and Denise for inviting us and guessing correctly that we'd have a great time. Many, many thanks to Monty Lane Alan for a fun time and thanks for letting us all be cool people!

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