Friday, November 16, 2007


After a busy and exciting whirlwind of an engagement (only 3 very short months) Dan and I had a great time relaxing in beautiful and sunny Hawaii. We flew out the day after the wedding to Oahu and spent an entire day taking a history lesson. We toured the USS Arizona Memorial and also the USS Missouri Memorial. It was sobering and interesting and no how most newlyweds would care to spend their honeymoon, but for us it was important to take these tours.
The rest of the trip was spent on Maui. Oh Maui, how I miss your crashing waves and trade winds! Have you been there? You should go - right now : ) It was wonderful. We went snorkeling and sailing and exploring. We saw the neatest fish and the brightest flowers. We ate interesting and delicious local fare and thoroughly enjoyed our time.

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