Saturday, June 18, 2016

Seven (7!)

This lovely lady turns seven years old today.

School just ended five days ago, but Lana already considers herself a full-fledged second grader. She's excited to try new things, fearless, and full of ideas for new stories, new inventions, and new ways to have fun.

Oh, and right now she has pink hair. The summer you turn seven is the perfect time to have pink hair.

She's artistic, compassionate, works hard, and is the most loyal friend you could ever wish for. She loves her little sister fiercely, is incredibly creative, and still likes to snuggle with me on the couch.

Lana has made a couple for goals for herself this summer, including learning how to ride a bike and learning how to tie her shoe laces. She'd also like to swim often, camp in a tent, and have a giant water fight. I'll have to see which of those requests can be granted.

She's as sweet as that s'more she's chomping on and brings me so much joy I can hardly contain myself.
Happy Birthday Dearest Lana! I hope 7 is just as awesome as you are!

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