Sunday, October 6, 2013

September was.......

Canning veggies from our garden.
Here we have salsa and green beans. We canned even more green beans and some other kinds of salsa and also some spaghetti sauce. Our garden is done now, but we'll enjoy the bounty the whole rest of the year.

First Down Friday.
This WSU Cougar party was a huge hit with Lana. The marching band played, she got to dance with Butch T. Cougar and the cheerleaders, and jumped in a bounce-house. What 4-year old wouldn't love this?

Dentist appointments.
I seriously will have to video record this next time. Lana is so ticklish, that a routine teeth cleaning sends her into fits of laughter. I felt bad for the dental hygienist who did her cleaning, but it was so entertaining.

Puppy Love!
The pups are all gone now, but we enjoyed their cuteness and sweet puppy energy for more than two months.

VeggieTales Live!
As excited as Lana was to watch this show, you'd think these giant vegetables were the Beatles or Justin Bieber. The show was ridiculous and cheesy and worth every penny.

September just flew by. I wonder what October holds for us?
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Anonymous said...

She looks like she had a wonderful September. Gram's Can't wait to see the pictures of October, when she had her mommy home with her because of the government shut down.