Saturday, September 7, 2013

Where did August go?

Some how, some way, August flew by and left us and now it is September. I was certain we'd simply skipped the month all together until I looked back at all the photographic evidence to the contrary. I think the month flew by because it was so packed.

Wheat harvest started and was in full swing. Lana got to ride in the truck with Daddy and the combine with Uncle Dwayne. Of course she needed to dance in the stubble.

Lana ran (rode) the Lentil Festival 5k with me. It was slow going, but a lot of fun.

Of course we got in lots of puppy time.

And we found out our coming-in-December baby is a girl. No one was more excited than Lana, after all, for her, a baby sister is simply a real-life baby doll.

One weekend while Dan was working, Lana and I traveled to Boise to visit my cousin, Cody, While touring the Boise farmer's market, Lana somehow charmed a large-scale painter into handing over his paint brush. Brave man and a talented painted. One of his prints came home with us.

Cousin Cody even hooked Lana up with a new best friend for the day. These two blondies bonded immediately and were so cute together.

While we were there, Lana even got her first haircut!

Another Boise highlight was our day at the Boise Zoo. It was a surprisingly great zoo and perfect for little kids.

Lana has been slightly obsessed with convertibles lately, so a ride with cousin Cody was a requirement.

Then when we got back home, we had to get to work. I canned our garden's bounty.....

....and Lana played with the puppies,

and splashed in the kiddie pool.

Yup, I guess that's where August went. Here's hoping September can slow down a bit.

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