Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Memory: The Lid Drawer

When we were kids living in Utah, I would often hang out at my Grandma Carol's house with my younger sister, Jen, and our cousin, Cody. Grams would watch the three of us quite regularly and her house became our second home. We knew where the gourmet hot chocolate packets were kept and that there was always a tub of ice cream in the freezer. We also knew if we were ever bored or bothering Grandma while she was working in the kitchen, we'd be told to, "Go play in the lid drawer."
Yup, the lid drawer is quite literally a drawer full of lids.

The funny thing is, we would play in the lid drawer. We'd stack lid towers, or make tiny lid houses, or we'd toss them at each other.

I think the first time Grandma told us to play in the lid drawer she was probably losing patience with three whiny kids and actually wanted to tell us to go play in traffic, but "lid drawer" came out instead and now that low drawer filled with plastic lids is forever a funny childhood memory.

Cody, Jen, and I often still laugh about the lid drawer, but Jen finally snapped a picture when she was visiting Grandma's house last week. She was pleased to see it hadn't changed locations, and in fact, several of the lids looked like the ones we played with over 25 years ago. That knowledge made my heart smile. Some things, like the lid drawer, should never change.

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