Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Memory: Billy Bob Teeth

Remember about 10 years ago when those ridiculous fake redneck teeth were all the rage? Yeah, they were dirty, broken, obnoxiously crooked and good for a laugh or two amongst friends and family. Well, my family is usually fairly easily amused and hopped right on this trend. I think all the guys got a set in their Christmas stocking, because there's no Christmas like a Billy Bob Christmas!
Yup, that's my dad, uncle and cousin sporting the sophisticated look at a family Christmas gathering 10 years ago. Oh, and to add to the classiness, they even put them in a couple days later at my sister's wedding. (Looking back, I guess it was fair to show her new husband's family exactly what kind of stock she came from.)

Fortunately, I think the redneck teeth craze is long past, but I will fondly look back at that time as one of the few trends my family fully embraced.
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