Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving, by the numbers

Miles driven to and from Lynden, Washington: 746
Times we listened to/Lana watched the Mickey Mouse DVD: 2
Times we were driven nuts by the Dora DVD: 2
Total minutes the little one spent napping round-trip: 89.5
Number of excited little blonde cousins ready to greet Lana upon arrival at Grandma Sue's: 3
Times Sue told Lana 'I love you!': 92
Number of people over at Sue's cozy townhouse for Thanksgiving dinner: 16
Number of turkeys: 2 (one traditional, one smoked, both delicious)
Total pictures I took during the entire trip: 10
Total pictures of anything other than Lana and her cousins: 0
Number of times I thought to take out my camera: 40
Number of times I actually did take out my camera: 2
Times I woke Dan up with my horrible cough: 4
Number of cough drops I went through to silence said cough: 45
Stores we went to on Black Friday: 2 (Ace Hardware and the Little Red Wagon Children's Store)
Delicious mochas from our favorite Lynden coffee stands: 8
Number of times I braved the rain and wind for a morning run: 1
Number of toilets Dan fixed in Sue's house: 3

Times I reflected on how thankful I am for the blessings that surround me everyday: 1289 and counting

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