Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow Day! (and other stuff)

Last Tuesday we woke up to TONS of snow. Schools were closed, roads were a mess and we decided to play it safe and stay home. In the morning Dan spent over three hours shovelling the roof (over a foot of heavy, wet snow made him a bit nervous) and Lana and I played. We made a snowman and a throne for the little princess. We even started on a snow fort, but then Lana got cold and wet and we went inside and baked goodies.
Now, less than a week later, the snow is practically all gone.

Last Saturday the three of us drove down to Oregon for the day to see my Mom and grandparents and sister and her three kids. It was definitely a full house! But I think my Mom enjoyed it. Lana and the cousins sure had a great time.

An update on my Mom:
She's been home now for over a week after being in the hospital the entire month of February. Test results show that the virus is no longer active in her body, so she's on a lot fewer medications. Some memory is coming back and she can hold a pretty normal conversation. She'll be working with a neurologist and therapist to help her regain as much of her memory as possible. It appears that no two cases of viral encephalitis are the same, so it's still not known how much of her memory will come back as the brain swelling goes completely down. She does get frustrated because she knows there are things/people/places/events she's supposed to know and just doesn't. But for the most part she appears upbeat and optimistic and is definitely working hard to regain her memory. All your encouragement and prayers are very much appreciated.

I have something very cool to share later this week! There will be a giveaway to go along with it that I'm so excited for. Come back in a few days for more information : )
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ruth said...

HI Shelle!

I wanted to let you know that you won a RAK on my blog. Please send me your address and I will get that out to you.



PS Your family is adorable!!! So sorry to hear about your mom. I will keep her in my prayers.

Deanna Vance said...

Baby #2????