Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lynden Trip, Part 1

Last Friday we piled clothes, shoes, toys, strollers, snacks and a baby into the pick-up and headed west. We were off to Lynden to see family, friends and enjoy the Northwest Washington Fair. We've previously bragged about how well Lana travels. Let's just say she did not live up to her good reputation on this particular drive. I didn't realize she could actually scream for over an hour straight. She must have really put her mind to it.

Once we arrived, rested a bit and ate, I decided we needed to all go to the park to remember why we liked our baby in the first place. She was so cute and loving that we quickly forgave her bad behavior. The swings were fun and so was rock-climbing and learning to do pull-ups, but Lana's favorite part was digging in the dirt.

On Sunday after church the three of us went to Artist Point where we hiked a bit and played in the snow. The views were quite spectacular. Mt. Baker is even more impressive when you're right up close to it. Lana thought it was pretty neat to play in the snow on a very warm summer day and Dan and I appreciated a respite from the heat. Dan and I get so busy with our jobs, taking care of the place, side projects and all things baby-related, that we sometimes forget to take the time to just relax and hang out together. Our afternoon at Artist Point was just what we needed.

The next two days were dedicated to the Fair and I'll get to that in the next post. It'll have cute kids and animals. You'll want to stick around.
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mommyneedsanap said...

Looks like you had a great time! I'm not sure if I can handle any more cuteness after the pics from July. Lana with a corn cob! Lana with puppies! It's too much!! She is A-dor-able!