Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raising a Reader

Yesterday I had a Proud Mommy Moment. Lana was sitting on the floor, various toys scattered around her. She grabbed a book, opened it and ran her pointed index finger across the page, babbling happily to herself the whole time. Here was my girl, "reading" and being absolutely adorable in the process.

Now I know that Lana is a very special little girl, but I'm sure she can't be classified as gifted quite yet. I know she's not really reading and at 10 months old, I know she's developmentally not ready for pretend play, but she has been around books enough, and read to consistantly enough to know that when you open a book, you say words.

I so very much want Lana to grow up to be a reader. I want her to have a love for the written word as well as a desire to learn and enjoy everything that reading will give her. I don't want her to think of reading as a chore or something that must be done, on the contrary, I want it to be a joy. I want reading to be as much a part of her life as playing or eating or sleeping.

Right now, Lana gets read to every day, sometimes multiple times per day. She sees us read books and magazines and the newspaper on a regular basis. She goes to the library for story time. I think we're doing everything right to develop her into an avid reader, right?

Those of you who have been doing the Mommy thing for a while, are your kids readers? How'd that happen? What worked? What didn't work?
Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Lynnae takes multiple books to bed every night and loves being read to. Her favorite is "Goodnight Moon". Mommy practically knows the story by heart. =) We have the "Baby Can Read" program (it was a gift) and we have given her bits and pieces to use. However, I feel that when Lynnae is ready she will move in that direction on her own. I think it is great that they are developing a love of reading at such an early age - even if it just seems like babble to us. Or when you get to be Lynnae's age, a story she has made up to go with the pictures. =)

AngMomof3 said...

Well, so far, I think the best advice I have is to make reading an option... not a requirement.

Have books all around. Make them look appealing. Model excitement in reading.

Sadie has always loved books. A book basket is her first stop when visiting other kids' houses. But now that it's becoming a requirement at school, she's resisiting it a bit more.

Allison didn't read as much when she was younger, but now that she's actually learning to read the words, she's excited to have anyone listen.

Grant needs books that interest him. He's the first "selective" reader I have.

Keep your eye out for what she likes and how she goes about things, and cater to that!