Sunday, March 21, 2010

Teething is Tough!

That's what Lana would say. If she had words and knew how to use them. Actually, if she had words, I think teething time would suck a whole lot less. As it is now, it's tough. She's Little Miss Cranky Pants and The Drool Queen and not much will make her happy. Sigh. I know, I know. This is just one of the many parenting challenges we'll have and I know it will pass soon enough.

Last weekend we visited Lynden. We got to catch up with some friends and have dinner with family. Since Sue was more than happy to watch Lana, Dan and I even got to go out to dinner together. On Saturday morning, I went for a run and came back to this:

I think it's the best gift we could ever get Sue. She loves snuggling with her babies and baby Lana couldn't be happier.

Lana is getting more mobile and active all the time. Her preferred mode of transportation is still the roll/squirm/scootch combo, but she has started to get her knees under her and her little bum up in the air, so I think crawling will happen soon. Meanwhile, she loves playing with her Daddy. From the tickles and kisses, Dan can make her laugh more than anyone else. Here they are, playing their new standing game:

The first time they did this, I think my heart stopped. I know Dan won't drop her and Lana just loves this.
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Anita Cory said...

Ah...John used to do the "standing game" with our kids too...I'm pretty sure I took pics with Harrison and made a page about it titled "it's all fun and games until *&%$". He never did drop any of them, but is heart stopping!

Love your blog!

Leslie said...

Shelle...Don't rush the crawling it leads to pulling up and attempting to stand on their own which leads to falling and LOTS of crying!

Trust me I wish Aa was still just scooting. However, he has not started walking yet like his sister did at 9 months!! Then I would really be in trouble.