Monday, February 23, 2009

At the Movies with Dan and Shelle

So, if you didn't already know this, Dan and I are movie people. We like seeing movies at home, in the theatre and we've even gone so far as to catch a premier at an IMAX. So yeah, we like movies. However, we're pretty cheap, so we try to be selective about what films we see in the theatre and what ones we'll wait to see on DVD. Since Bean has been busy growing, we know our carefree days of venturing out for a late-afternoon matinee are numbered, so in the past few months, we've tried to get in some much enjoyed movie watching.

Here are some quick and dirty reviews of our most recent viewings.


This film wasn't nominated for an Oscar and it's biggest star hasn't been in a movie for a few years, but it was by far the most inspirational movie I've seen in like...I dunno....ever. It paints a very realistic, very intense picture of a failing marriage and the commitment and work it takes to save it. It's out on DVD now. I think Dan and I will own it. You should rent it.
Dan's Review: Very great marriage counseling...for cheap!


Okay, so Clint Eastwood kicks butt, we can all agree on that, right? In this movie, he does the whole Dirty Hairy thing, but as a racist, broken, grizzled old man with a tarnished heart of gold. His neighborhood is being overtaken by gangs and he feels that no one respects authority anymore. He begrudgingly makes friends with some of his Korean neighbors and even becomes the neighborhood hero when he sticks up for a Korean boy, but the gang violence gets worse. Eastwood's character isn't one for cultural awareness or sensitivity training, so he takes on the gangs with the only kind of retaliation he knows.

Dan's Review: Grandpa kicks butt!


This movie is just fun. It's light and funny and I don't think there's any cussing at all. We laughed a lot. Paul is a mall security guard who dreams of being a real cop one day. He's overweight, hypoglycemic and sad. He takes his job very seriously and does all he can to protect his mall. When thugs take over on Black Friday, only Paul can stop them. Of course, he has to save his daughter and get the pretty girl too.
Dan's Review: Paul Blart is the reason I'll never shoplift at the mall.


This is our most recent viewing. Did you know that Liam Neeson can kick some serious butt? Yeah, well, he can. This is the story of a dad who loves his daughter and will do anything ANYTHING to get her back after she's kidnapped in Paris. He's like Jason Bourne would be, but as a dad of a teenaged girl. The movie is very fast-paced and intense.

Dan's Review: Look out anyone who wants to hurt my daughter! (Dan's already a very good Daddy.)

So, that's what we've seen recently. Are there any recommendations out there in blogland?

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grammyc said...

Thanks for the great movie reviews. It has been a number of years since I have been to a movie theatre. The firefighter movie looks great. If I knew how to use the DVD player I would rent it and watch it...